I get no more flat tyres with Puncturesafe

Working around rough ground and sites under construction I know I can get punctures…

I found Puncturesafe Kent who are specialist when it comes to puncture prevention and extending the life of your tyres. Whether it be installation, products or general information, we can provide the best customer service.

How can Puncturesafe Tyre Sealant help me?

aboutThe Puncturesafe range is the market leader in tyre sealants and is absolutely extraordinary in its effectiveness at sealing punctures that occur in vehicle tyres. Our products, different grades for different applications, are installed into the tyres as a puncture prevention component, so if you’re unlucky enough to get a puncture from a nail, screw or piece of glass, then Puncturesafe seals the hole almost instantaneously and you’re unlikely to even be aware that it has occurred!

Developed and manufactured in the UK, using 21st century polymer technology, Puncturesafe can be installed within minutes through the tyre valve, without removing the wheel or taking the tyre off. With the movement of the vehicle, Puncturesafe will completely coat the inner surface of the tyre with a thin uniform coating. Puncturesafe is now on guard, sealing any punctures as they happen.

servicesDIY bottle range
Available in single and twin packs for bicycle, motorcycles and cars. Also available as a large 2 litre twin pack for off road vehicles, touring caravans and trailers.

High pressure pump
Enables easy installation into any tyre with minimal pressure loss. We offer a bespoke calibrated pump for continuous use, or an inexpensive version for infrequent use.

products5 litre container
Complete with an inexpensive low pressure pump – usually for the cycle grade, however all grades can be supplied in this container,

20 litre container
Containing 720 units of puncture safe and can be supplied for :-

Cycle grade

  • High speed grade – cars, motorcycles
  • Heavy duty high speed grade – HGVs
  • Extra heavy duty low speed grade for construction, farming, off road vehicles, touring caravans, horseboxes and trailers.

booknowFor further information please go to: www.puncturesafekent.com